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About TC Herbs & Health

TC Herbs & Health is a unique Integrative Medicine Center with a wider-angle of specialties. The Integrative Medicine center combines the best of ‘alternative' and complementary treatments with allied health professionals and alternative practitioners. We provide over three thousand varieties of the highest quality Traditional Chinese, Western, and Aromatic herbs. 

TC Herbs also offers homeopathic remedies, nutritional products, vitamins, and herbal teas. In addition to Traditional Chinese remedies we provide herbal consultations, acupuncture, traditional massage (Tui Na), and Tai Chi Chuan. 

We offer herbal medicine in many forms: bulk, decoction, ground powder, concentrate extract , tea bags, tablets, pills, soft-gels, patches, creams, extracted oils, and essence oils. 

Our team members are respected and well known. They are highly educated individuals with a strong background in herbal medicine, western medicine and acupuncture. The staff is quite knowledgeable with many years of clinical service and experience.

Questions about herbs? Call us at (310) 327-0336

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